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Maricopa Contractors is a recognized leader serving Arizona customers who need a top residential or commercial building contractor. From new home construction, to renovations, to commercial tenant improvements, rely on Maricopa Contractors to bring experience and value to your project.

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We know that finding the best Arizona building contractor who gives you the greatest value for your home or commercial property construction needs is a priority. We will do our best to provide a fair evaluation of your needs.

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Maricopa Contractors works hard to ensure that all our jobs are well done in a timely and efficient manner without taking shortcuts on new home construction, home renovation projects, or tenant improvements.

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Take pride in the increased functionality, beauty, and value of your home and property for years to come.  Plus, we offer you peace of mind with our 1 year warranty on all the construction work we do.


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Arizona City Home Building Contractors

If you are looking to build a home from the ground up, the Arizona City home building contractors with Maricopa Contractors are ready to bring your dreams to life. Our home building contractors in Arizona City AZ have decades of experience in new home construction, and we’ll make sure that every single bit of your vision becomes a reality. We take on projects of all sizes, so we’ll be ready to help whether you’re building a starter home or anything else.


Why Turn to Us?

Maricopa Contractors has earned its title as the leader among all Arizona City home building contractors during the nearly 30 years we’ve been in business. We know how significant an investment building a new home can be, and how exciting a time it should be. That’s why we’re passionate about going above and beyond our clients’ expectations. When you work with us, you’ll be working with a true partner. We’ll always be responsive to any questions you may have, because we believe in keeping the lines of communication open.

One of the things that sets us apart from other home building contractors in Arizona City AZ is our pricing model. Most other companies will charge you based on a fixed, “per square foot” price. They might find ways to cut costs during the building process, but if they do, they’ll keep that money in their pockets and boost their profit margin.

At Maricopa Contractors, however, we don’t believe in that way of doing business. We follow what we call the “cost plus” pricing model. That simply means you’ll pay what we pay for materials and services, plus a flat contracting fee of 20 percent. Why should you care? Because when we see ways to save money, those savings get passed to you – not into our bank account.


What to Expect

Here’s just a brief look at what to expect when you hire us as your home building contractors in Arizona City AZ.

  • We’ll provide you a detailed quote that will be a fair evaluation of what your project entails.
  • Once you approve that quote, we’ll get to work. Your job will be done in a timely manner, and will be completed to your total satisfaction.
  • You’ll then be able to take pride in the beauty of your new home, one you’ll enjoy for decades to come. We also offer a one-year warranty on all of our construction work.


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The Arizona City home building contractors with Maricopa Contractors can’t wait to hear from you. We’ll tell you exactly how we work, and give you a clear picture of what we can do. Contact us online or call 520-705-2927 to get in touch.

Why Choose Us

With 27 years of interior renovation and ground up construction experience, Maricopa Contractors offers customers exceptional quality and uparalled service.  Maricopa Contractors difference lies in our proven process and emphasis on continous communication. Maricopa Contractors’ values and qualities drive the way we work.



Before a problem can derail a project, we’re working on a solution. No task is too small or undeserving of our attention.



We work together with designers, architects and subcontractors to promote a productive, organized job site.



We deliver the right balance of attentive oversite and creative problem-solving to achieve stunning results.



We stand behind our workmanship.  Every project we work on comes with a 1 year warranty.

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